ABC National Conference 2018 Track Schedule

ABC will be offering six specialized tracks taught by leading practitioners in the field from which attendees may choose that will include eight insightful sessions on the following: 

  • Introduction to Biblical Counseling
  • Depression
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Addictions
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Equipping Counselors in the Church

Attendees will choose one track during registration, and will attend all sessions in that track throughout the duration of the conference.   Each attendee who completes the entire track will be given a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the eighth session.   These sessions will be offered again during the next several years in order to allow attendees to attend all tracks. 

12 CEUs will be offered this year.

Track A

An Introduction to Biblical Counseling  

Objective: To introduce a biblical counseling paradigm of ministry, including a God-centered view of creation, a Christ-centered view of redemption, a Spirit-dependent view of transformation, a biblical view of people, and a lively, practical, and exegetical view of counseling ministry.


Track B


Objective: To present a biblical understanding of depression, showing how gloriously Scripture speaks to the phenomena we call depression, and then give specific, Christ-centered, and exegetically sound guidance for counseling those who suffer with the various expressions of depression.


Track C

Domestic Violence 

Objective: To carefully define domestic violence, present a biblical understanding of the trouble, and then provide practical, Christ-centered, and exegetical sound guidance for those who counsel marriages where violence is or has been a reality.


Track D

Post-Traumatic Stress  

Objective: To define post-traumatic stress, beginning with modern terminology but moving into biblical categories and terms, provide a biblical understanding of the phenomena, and then offer practical, Christ-centered, and exegetically rich training for those who minister to men and women suffering in this way.


Track E


Objective: To present a biblical understanding of addictions, both their nature and their causes, as well as practical, Christ-centered, and exegetically sound approaches to care, counsel, and change.


Track F

Equipping Counselors in the Church (Pastors and Laity)

Objective: To make a case for equipping members of the church to minister the Word of God to one another in every form of human trouble, then offer a basic approach to equipping members of the church, and then to give specific direction for implementing the ETC material in a local church.